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Acaricide for the treatment of Varroa destructor.

Amitraz ................................................. .24.54 g
Excipients authorized CSP .................... 100g
Target species: Honeybees (Apis mellifera)

Indications for use: It is indicated for the preventive or curative treatment for varroa (Varroa destructor) in hives of bees (Apis HONEY).
Dosage, mode and method of administration: Kernels: (under 5 frames bee) must be placed transversely cut strip half.

Hives: (above 5 frames) should place a strip.
The strips must remain in the hive for 4 weeks, ended that period should be removed.

Pharmaceutical and filing Form: The product is dissolved in 150 ml plastic bottles, 250 ml, 500 ml 1, 2 and 5 LITRES.
This packaging system ensures conservation within the validity date.

Product Preparation:
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 150 ml + envelope with 20 strips of wood.
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 250 ml + envelope with 40 strips of wood.
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 500 Liter + envelope with 80 strips of wood.
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 1 Litre + over 160 strips of wood.
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 2 Litre + over 320 strips of wood.
VARROTRAZ (Solution) 5 liters + over 800 strips of wood.

Preparation of the strips:
Place the strips in a container of appropriate size, then add the solution VARROTRAZ until the strips are completely immersed in the solution, the strips must remain submerged for 30 minutes. Then the strips must be removed, leaving the strips in an open, ventilated for 24 hours. Once this process, the strips are ready to be used in the hives (Prepare pull authorities 24 hours use).

Duration of treatment: The product must remain in the hive four weeks, after this period
must be removed.

Special precautions for use: Do not apply during high flows néctar.No exceed the doses described.

Restrictions on use: treatment should be stopped two months before the beginning of the honeydew.

Drug Interactions: The toxicological effect is increased in the presence of copper salts and their therapeutic activity decreases in the presence of piperonyl butoxide therefore
should try not to make simultaneous use of both products.

Contraindications have not been described.

Safety margin:
In the indicated doses the product does not mortality of bees, beekeeping or alter the activity of the colony.

Precautions to be taken before, during and after administration:
Wear gloves and avoid eating, drinking and smoking during handling. After application, wash hands thoroughly.
Store in original container between 5 ° and 30 ° C.


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